InterNACHI Certified Home Inspection

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), the largest organization of the profession, offers a rigorous hands-on training program designed to help all its members ferret out major and minor defects in all kinds of homes. In addition to housing an inexhaustible database, InterNACHI providse a platform for a worldwide support network of professionals to consult one another in real time.


Read the Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics to understand the inspection I will deliver. 


Virginia License #3380001083

User-Friendly Reports

Technical information is only as good as its ability to be understood.


You deserve a report that is complete, clear, and concise, written in plain English and supported by visual references. 


Your report is not only a snapshot in time, it is a reference manual for your new home. 


Code Inspections

A home inspection is not a code review. It is a review of the functionality and safety of the home, which may or may not coincide with the current regulations of your jurisdiction.


Building codes are changing (read: getting more stringent) all the time. A house built 100, 50, or even 5 years ago may not comply with current codes. Most (though not all) of these elements are grandfathered, but do you really want to live with conditions that are deemed substandard by contemporary standards?


You should enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing what is acceptable, and what is obsolete.


As a separate service, I can provide you with a written analysis of the features of your home that are not in compliance with current local zoning and building codes.

Design Review

A home inspection tells you about the status and functionality of the elements of your home, but nothing of the inherent quality of the components or spaces, nor of the possibilities for change.  Can I move that wall?  Can I expand the kitchen?  Should I replace the cabinets?


Ask me about a design review, in which I can help you envision the future.  

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About Your Inspector

Frank Durkin spent over twenty years in the design profession as a project manager and designer before expanding his services to include home inspection. He lives with his wife and daughters in Arlington, Virginia, where he enjoys grilling and barbecuing (yes, there is a difference) and building guitars out of cigar boxes.


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